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Your complete guide to bathroom fragrances

After ensuring the basics of bathroom hygiene (that your bathroom is clean and germ-free), the way your bathroom smells is the next most important topic. Your choice of fragrance makes a big difference to this room of the house where smell is a sensitive issue. If a bathroom is not smelling good, it is smelling bad. So make sure that you are in control of your bathroom’s odours.

Bathroom fragrances should be carefully thought through, designed to be pleasant, not overpowering and, ideally, to fit the overall décor of the room. Part of the enchantment of a truly crafted bathroom experience is the smell. But how to choose which fragrance is right for you? How to craft your perfect bouquet? We’ve put together the definitive list of bathroom fragrances to suit every taste, décor and occasion.

Alpine Fresh

Perfect for springtime. Bring some rich, sticky, pine goodness into your bathroom with alpine fragrances. Use Bloo Blue water in-sistern in your tank to give a base aroma for your bathroom, then enhance this with real pine bark, if you have it, or pine cones. As a flourish, why not scatter some pine leaves around the bathroom surfaces. Then sit back, breath deep and imagine the rustle of balmy air blowing through a wooded alpine valley. Nothing smells fresher! Pine forest aromas suit a Nordic style bathroom especially well. The woody themes in the fragrance reflecting the natural wood of the décor.

Ocean Fresh

If you’re in a sporty mood, ocean fresh smells give you the acerbic kick you need to get out and get moving. Ocean freshness gives your bathroom a feeling of uber-cleanliness and cool blue verve. Use Bloo Blue Active in your toilet as an easy way to get this invigorating freshness permeating the whole room. To reinforce the scent-theme, why not buy the toiletries to match? Many soaps, shower-gels and deodorants come in versions of cool-blue and ocean fresh too. This aroma choice suits any modern bathroom well. If you have blue colouring or accessories, this will only add to the coherence of your theme.

Rose Petal

Soft sepia perfume to help you relax in a bathroom designed for leisure. Long baths and a good book are the order of the day for this most cosy of scents. The gentle and soothing tones of rose petal aromas can be achieved with scented candles, perfumes and oils. You can also visually enhance the theme with bowls of petals or dried flowers (for the more industrious, it is also easy to manufacture your own rose water by boiling up the petals). Then use Bloo Power Active Flowers, as the perfect complement to your new softly-scented haven. A rose perfume suits Victorian-style bathrooms very well. It conjures up images of plush and comfy boudoirs, with plenty of soft furnishings and floral patterning.

Sensual Jasmine

For a romantic feel in this most intimate of household spaces, turn to jasmine. This most female of scents has long been associated with a soothing sensuality. Its mixture of woody and floral tones, lull us into a world of relaxed fantasy. Scented candles deliver a strong jasmine fragrance and help create an enchanting, opulent mood for bath time. Add jasmine flowers and petals to enhance the look and smell. Use jasmine with plush interiors: red curtains and voluptuous furnishings.

Citrus Fruits

Bubbly, energetic and fun: fruity fragrances are for the good times. Put on your favourite disco hits and dance round your own tiled dance floor as you start your day with zest. Get Bloo Fragrance Switch and get the energy-boosting citrus flavours zinging round your room. Or get the wake-up kick of Bloo Fragrance Switch in your pan. Colourful and scented soaps and toiletries also help enhance the effect. Citrus Fruit smells go with colourful, snazzy bathrooms


The most refreshing of scents, nothing clears the air like Eucalyptus. Somehow acerbic and sweet at the same time, Eucalyptus is the right aroma to have in your home’s temple to cleanliness and health. Choose Eucalyptus and feel cleansed every day. Eucalyptus smells very good in modern, all-white bathrooms. The most refreshing of scents, nothing clears the air like Eucalyptus. Somehow acerbic and sweet at the same time, Eucalyptus is the right aroma to have in your home’s temple to cleanliness and health. Choose Eucalyptus and feel cleansed every day. Eucalyptus smells very good in modern, all-white bathrooms.


One of the most soothing and relaxing aromas, lavender is the perfect scent to help you de-stress at the end of a busy day. This powerful herb has been used for centuries for all sorts of medicinal purposes including to ease anxiety, and to combat insomnia and depression. It’s a great smell to have around your sanctuary of calm. Lavender is beautiful to have fresh-cut in your home, but also comes in a wealth of easy-to-use forms, from candles to bags, soaps to air-fresheners. Suits a rustic style lavatory with soft furnishings and pastel colours.


Fresh, healthy goodness comes with the scent of apples. We think of orchards and summer days. Apple-based scents create a crisp, clean, woody atmosphere in your bathroom. They leave you feeling awake and invigorated. Apple scents and bathroom products are available in many forms, including shower gels and soaps, but make sure you reinforce the message with a bowl of cut apples or whole apples placed in the room. Apples fit perfectly to an all pinewood or very light-coloured bathroom.


Get some Hula vibes into your morning routine as you celebrate a new day with tropical flavours. Tones of coconuts, island flowers and pineapples swirl around you as shake your hips across the lavatory floor. Tropical is for the celebratory you, the happy fruitful you that wants to hula-loop through the day. Get a tropical zest into your restroom. Add coconut or pineapple flavoured toiletries or air-fresheners to complete the feel. Suits a bathroom that references bright plants and flowers in the décor. For example, with palm or green leave patterns on wallpaper or shower-curtains.

Find the perfect fragrance for your bathroom.
Combine the right products and natural fragrances with your styled bathroom to create a cohesive theme.

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