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Bloo Colour Active Bleach

Colour Active brings fun, freshness and cleanliness to your bathroom!

Combining power balls and coloured water technology, actively cleaning between flushes.

Contains Odour Stop Technology, creates a protective barrier against malodours while releasing a long lasting freshness.

For a clean and fresh toilet after every use.

Bloo Colour Active rim block is an innovation which combines design and function in one.

With a unique 4 function formula:

  1. Cleaning Foam:
    Cleans the toilet with every flush
  2. Anti-Limescale:
    Formula helps prevent limescale formation
  3. Dirt Protection:
    Helps prevent new dirt from sticking
  4. Extra Freshness:
    Leaves a long-lasting fresh scent in the bathroom

Bloo Colour Active thoroughly cleans the bowl with every flush, turning your water blue and creating a protective barrier against bad odours. A long-lasting fragrance for an enjoyable toilet moment.

  1. Place the rim block on the rim of your toilet.
  2. Position into the flow of the water.
  3. Replace it when the balls are empty.

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