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Bloo Fragrance Cleaners Lemon

Intensive deep clean and let your toilet shine!

Can’t stand the smell of bleach? Bloo’s perfumed toilet gel contains essential oils and removes limescale.

New Power Active Cleaning Gel ensures hygienically clean & shiny toilet for a long time, leaving the bathroom filled with fresh scent for a long time.

4 Functions Formula:

  • Cleaning Foam Cleans toilet with every flush.
  • Anti-Limescale Formula helps prevent limescale formation.
  • Dirt Removal Ensures 100% dirt removal.
  • Extra Freshness Leaves a long lasting fresh scent in the bathroom.

  1. To open the cap, squeeze both sides of the cap and unscrew.
  2. Squirt the gel evenly under the rim to cover the entire toilet bowl.
  3. To remove limescale, leave to work for 30 minutes.
  4. Flush.
  5. For tougher stains, use the toilet brush and reapply if necessary.
  6. After use, screw cap back on the bottle until you hear a "click".

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