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Bloo Power Fizz Tabs

A hygienically clean and fresh loo with powerful fizzing action and an anti-limescale formula.

Effortlessly cleans, with no scrubbing required, simply leave in bowl overnight.

Bloo Power Fizz Tabs provide thorough cleanliness due to their self-active power formula.

Active foam acts against common problems and removes limescale & urine scale, deposits under water, stubborn dirt, bad odours as well as rust and discolouration – even where the brush is difficult to reach.

The Power Fizz Tabs remove the most stubborn dirt in the toilet thanks to their acidity – even under water.

They work extra strong and deep into the drain and effortlessly ensure thorough cleanliness.

  1. Open – Cut open the protective foil with a pair of scissors.
  2. Dissolve – Place one Fizz Tab into the toilet bowl, it will dissolve in 30 minutes and the water will turn blue.
  3. Rinse – The power of acids removes even the most stubborn stains and odours as well as water level stains – without scrubbing… Simply rinse & job done.