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Clear Water Lemon Quad Pack

A hygienically clean and fresh toilet from the cistern out with every flush!

The Bloo In-cistern toilet blocks will get your toilet shining again with their 2 in 1 cleaning and foaming action, giving you a hygienically clean and fresh toilet.

For a clean and fresh toilet with every flush, the Bloo toilet blocks formula has been improved to provide visible cleaning with blue water, while the intense cleaning foam leaves a stronger fragrance and prevents limescale through an active ingredient.

This Improved Formula consists of the following Benefits:

  1. Intense Cleaning Foam:
    Up to 1600 Flushes 
  2. Stronger Perfume:
    For Fresh Fragrance
  3. Clear Water:
    With active Cleaning Power
  4. Active Ingredient:
    For Limescale Prevention  

With every flush, bring a fresh fragrance to your bathroom whilst your toilet water stays clear.

  1. Place cube with the film in the tank on the opposite side of the water flow
  2. Film dissolves in water.
  3. Keep the second cube inside the package until the first one is used.
  4. When cleaning the tank please wear special gloves.

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